Summer is here! Cooking outdoors with family and friends remains a better way to celebrate the warmer months, even if the current situation around the world means that you can only have your immediate household present. And with a great meal some family members, you will want a bbq wine to match. Choosing good bbq wine can elevate the occasion.

Most people associate bbq and grilled foods with beer, but did you know that wine pairs are exceptionally well? What we recommend is the kinds of wines that are for outdoors, fun, and friendship gathering. For this kind of summer gathering, you don’t want to serve your most exclusive wines, lest their subtle nuances wind up, and are overshadowed by the bold aromas and smell of the barbecue. 

Below are some of our best bottles of wine for pairing with grilled foods of all kinds. Considering this list of the best wines for a summer barbecue, you will have enough twists and turns to keep summer exciting.

2017 Halter Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

If you crave Cabernet Sauvignon with a plate of grilled meats, consider a slight splurge for this wine. A bright rendition of this blend from Paso Robles offers a freshness reminiscent of California sunshine. Black current and cherry flavors dominate with hints of caramel.

NV Allan Scott Cecilia Brut

A well-priced sparkling wine presents freshness and grapefruit acidity assured to cut through even the deepest of barbecue flavors. And because this wine gives hints of juicy, sweet grilled pineapple on the palate, it is the bubbly just made for a summer barbecue.

2015 Jonata Todos Red Wine Vineyard Blend

This is from California’s Ballard Canyon region. It is the blockbuster on the list. It’s bigger both in price and in the body. If you want to turn a summer gathering into an event to remember, consider splurging on this lesser-known blend. This unique blend offers an interplay of savory and sweet flavors. 

Pinot Noir

Overtime, Pinot Noir has been one of the most food-friendly red wines out there. Its flavors are subtle enough not to suppress the food that you are eating it with, and it makes an excellent match for poultry, seafood, and red meat. It’s mostly tasty paired with smoked meats because it has an earthy, smoky quality to it.

Dry Rosé

Rosé is a fun, flirty wine, ideal for sipping. With the aroma of watermelon, strawberry, and citrus, rosé has the right amount of acidity that stands up to grilled foods. Like Pinot Noir, Rosé can pair with a wide variety of dishes from grilled pork to seafood. It’s also a perfect match for grilled turkey burgers or even veggie burgers. 


A big red wine is a necessity whenever you are serving up something big and beefy at your barbecue. The refreshing, coastal fruit gives balancing acidity to the vibrant red berry compote flavors, and while not complicated, it’s smooth and juicy and a perfect match for summer bbq. Also, Zinfandel has a silky feature that helps to tone down the smokiness of some grilled dishes in your face.

The bottom line

The key to effective wine for a summer bbq is simplicity. Avoid a wine that requires too much thought because summer setting doesn’t call for that. The wines should fit the food, and also fit the casual mood of the gathering.

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