True wine enthusiasts have mastered the art of storing wine. They know that ever since Ancient Egypt, there have been four factors affecting proper wine storage: the temperature ranging from 11 to 14 degrees Celsius, the humidity level of 60%–80%, the appropriate ventilation and no vibration. To satisfy all these elements of wine storage, wine pins came into existence. Now the connoisseur of fine wine can also be a connoisseur of beautiful wine pins. Whether you have an extensive cellar to designate to your fine wine collection or just a smaller space, there is wine pins that are just right for your home and your requirements.

Wine pins offer the perfect opportunity to build your dynamic showcase. They are of utmost necessity for anybody who is a wine connoisseur and has or intends to make a wine cellar at home. They are both decorative as well as practical. For whatever purpose, wine pins can serve as wine bottle storage and also add a beautiful display` to your room. These days you get wine pins to fit every purpose, décor and personality which will add ambience to a room, protect wine bottles in a cellar, or keep wine handy on the counter.

Our wine pins comprise of precision-machined premium grade brass; the groundbreaking design is 100% eco-friendly, yet constructed to last a lifetime and beyond.

This is the ideal solution for wine cellars and interior decorators to display all sizes and applications. Furthermore, it ensures superior bottle stability compared to other conventional wine peg styles with a more substantial portion of each bottle resting below its support.  It is important your wine storage facility looks good and adds to the décor of the room. Safe and stylish remains the ideal ways to go.

At Corbello Loxstone, we provide traditional wine pins that secure storage for your wine bottles. We have the wall mounted pins that offer just the right hanging wine style that you are looking for. With this new technique, you will be able to find a wine stand that not only secures the wine but also features an added display to your room as it completes the look there. These wine storage pins are well-made to fit any space; which in turn allows for accurate airflow and a suitable temperature to keep the wine at its best flavor and appearance. We are proud to offer such a varied range of wine pins and hope you find what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Mounting wine pins on your wall is an excellent way to add style and decor to any home. It allows you to showcase a portion of your collection and not to keep wines at arm’s length. It also delivers optimal label visibility, allowing all bottles to be recognized at a glance, making hidden labels a thing of the past.


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