The perfect solution to see how your visions will turn out before you set to on your project.


Computer Generated Image

Turn Your Dreams into a High-Quality 3D Photorealistic Visual

We know how important it is for our clients to be able to bring their vision and plans to life prior to them being constructed. With our team of graphic designers and visualisers at Corbello Loxstone, we can assist with the development of your project, by providing a service creating photorealistic CGI’s or video presentations.

What is a CGI?

CGI is an abbreviation for ‘Computer Generated Images’ which is also known as ‘Rendering’ or ‘3D Rendering’. Three-dimensional images are digitally produced to a high quality and standard presenting a realism reflecting the clients designs.

How would a CGI help me?

There are many benefits of having a photorealistic visual of your project to hand. We have found that they give both designers and clients the ability to make any changes prior to the project commencing, to visualise the end goal and too it proves a very useful tool in discussions and install stages throughout the project. There is no better way envisage the unbuilt luxury of your dreams.

What we need for the project?

We like to start with a brief on the project and your final goal, basic area floor plan and ceiling height, a list of materials being used and the finishes. Once we have this much detail, we have something to start working on. We will keep in touch throughout to make sure we can include all details that will assist with the best outcome. Before the rendering takes place, we will provide a preliminary visual to gain your feedback and make any necessary alterations. We will then render the design for the final approval. Once we are all signed off and agreed, we will produce the final CGI of your luxury space.


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