MT20 Metallum Tribus Wine Storage Rack

At Corbello Loxstone we like to make sure that our product will fit in with any environment.  Adding our unique Metallum Tribus Wine Racks to a beautiful and simple minimalist interior design will just make it pop!  With its clean lines and simplicity but at the same time attention to detail, it is an uncomplicated way to store wine bottles. 

Mostly minimalist is a concept which involves stripping things down to their most basic form.  It is very similar to a modern interior design providing a simple and uncluttered space and a monochromatic palette with a finish or colour used as an accent. 

The minimalist approach uses only the essential elements such as an open floor plan layout to create an uncluttered space for relaxation, good light and beautiful materials to blend harmoniously into the area.

Overall, these spaces are recognized for their clean, crisp and uncluttered feel which in turn helps keep the mind uncluttered and give a sense of calm and is a great place to enjoy wine. To see more from us, browse though our inspiration section and feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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